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Every summer, automakers, experts and enthusiasts from all across the globe descend on historic Pebble Beach, California for the prestigious Concours d’Elegance, where the world’s greatest cars (classic and new) are on full display. 


In the heart of this premier event, Maserati USA created “Villa Maserati,” a luxury showcase space where the brand’s fans could come, learn about Maserati’s rich history, unique Italian design, get an up-close look at their beautiful cars (ranging from classic to the very newest) and even take test drives of their all-new Levante – the first-ever SUV in Maserati’s history. 


Fade In was asked to create three unique videos about the Villa Maserati experience; filmed on-located and then edited and distributed as the event was happening and immediately after. The goal was not only to make Concours attendees aware of the event and provide them an exciting invitation to visit and engage, but also to create an exclusive experience for Maserati’s thousands of social media fans who couldn’t be there in-person. 


The event marked an exciting opportunity for Maserati as they promoted the release of not only the all-new Levante but also the MY-17 Quattroporte, the latest evolution in luxury for Maserati’s flagship luxury sedan.  Present at Villa Maserati was not only the all-new Quattroporte but also one of its earliest models, the 1963 Quattroporte I.  This opportunity to showcase these cars side-by-side allowed our filmmakers to produce the kind of compelling mini-documentary about the evolution of the Quattroporte that Maserati’s followers would love. 


The videos were distributed throughout Maserati USA’s social media channels in the span of one week and mark a success story for Maserati USA as the content helped elevate brand awareness and increase their customer engagement. 

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