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Selective Insurance


Selective has been a strong and reliable insurance provider for almost a century. Their marketing team wanted to find a way to grow their brand awareness in a whole new way with a fun and innovative creative campaign that embodied the values most important to the company's growth and success. Their company's tagline is "Response is Everything." 


FI:c created the idea of a team of young insurers destined to meet the needs of others. Led by Simon, an insurance guru wise beyond his years, this team would be trained in "the art of response." This series of commercials follows the adventures of these young insurers as they meet the coverage needs of normal customers and hone their insurance skills. 


"Meet The Team," introduces us to the team, their leader, and their unified mission. Their call to action is, "Find the Diamond," which represents the diamond in Selective's logo. 


The pilot of the series, this commercial and others produced with it ran with NY Jets pre-season games in the summer of 2013 and are currently running on Jets affiliated programs on New York's SNY Network.

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